General — 29 March 2013
Chiropractic Myths: The Real Story

There is a history of slanderous statements and actions that have caused the Chiropractic profession to suffer success in the mainstream view. From cartoons depicting chiropractic degrees as something anyone of the street can attain to medical organizations downplaying the chiropractic name, Chiropractors have fought an uphill battle to be recognized as a legitimate source of medical care. As society begins to hear the truth more and more individuals are passing on stories of success from their visits to Chiropractic offices. As a result these 3 myths have been proved to be rather disrespectful of the Chiropractic profession.

  • Myth #1 : Once you visit a chiropractor you have to keep going back for life
  • Myth #2: Chiropractors don’t attend school
  • Myth #3: Doctors of Medicine (MDs) do not like Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs)

To address myth #1, Chiropractic care is like any wellness treatment. It is not a necessity; however, the more you take part in the treatment visits your body will see the results. Throughout a person’s life their body will go through wear and tear that a chiropractor visit can address. Adjustments, exercises, and therapy done by a Chiropractor can improve the freedom in which your body moves. Myth #2, to obtain a Doctorate degree of Chiropractic is not as easy as once thought. Although it is more competitive to enroll in a program that produces MDs, DCs have a very similar course of study as their medical counterparts. Doctors of Medicine take the route to treat chemical disorders of the human body while Doctors of Chiropractic take the physical treatment route. Myth #3, MDs now work closely with DCs and vice versa. Because the overall goal is to treat the patient, giving them an option of treatment styles has become very common among medical facilities so not only are Chiropractors staffed at hospitals, many MDs have now joined the staff of a chiropractic practice. As the Chiropractic profession continues to grow, the need to find a quality doctor on lien to work with is becoming essential. Personal injury attorneys have formed a bond with DCs because of the type of injuries attorneys’ clients sustain. The attorneys search high and low to connect with Chiropractors familiar with the legal aspect of treating a patient. The online directory has made that search that much easier. Not only do they list chiropractic offices that work on a lien basis, they list 20+ specialties that will work on a lien.  Power Liens also has a select list they reserve for trusted facilities and practices that have demonstrated superior knowledge of Personal Injury lien treatment. These Preferred Providers are highlighted on the directory and are highly recommended by the Power Liens management.

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