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Medical Treatment on Lien: Finding a Doctor on Lien

When you are involved in a personal injury accident and you are the party not at fault it is important to take necessary steps to avoid a devastating bill paying process once you have finished treated.  If you are handling your case on your own, which is not recommended, it is important to document events at the scene of the accident with a police report so that fault and negligence can be determined. You will have to contact both your car and health insurance companies to alert them of the accident and that you will need treatment. Once you finished treatment you will need to gather all the bills and submit them to your Auto and Health Insurance Company as well as the Auto and Health Insurance Company of the person at fault. During this time you will be racking up the medical bills that your insurance will need to pay for or worse, you yourself will have to handle these costs. This is where being treated on a lien becomes the more beneficial avenue. Retaining a personal injury attorney will allow them to tap into their capabilities of getting you treated with no upfront cost to you or your health insurance. Personal injury attorneys currently use the online directory to find doctors on lien who will be able to work with their clients. Power Liens has over 4,000 medical offices your attorney can choose from to get you the most appropriate level of treatment needed. During your treatment on lien, the doctor treating you will track the costs but forego payment until your case has been settled by your personal injury attorney.

So how are your bills paid when being treated on a lien? Your attorney will submit a demand package to the insurance company of the person at fault that will include the cost of your medical treatment. If the person at fault has limited coverage the attorney may be able to subsidize the remainder of your medical bills with your insurance policy without it affecting your insurance payments. Once the attorney receives the settlement amount from the insurance company/companies they will be able to contact the medical facilities where you have an outstanding balance and clear all your debts. This is the most efficient way to settle your case that’s why it is highly recommend you use a personal injury lawyer.

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