General — 14 March 2013
Power Liens Rockets Past 4,000 Providers Working On Lien

Power Liens continues to put its competitors in the rear view mirror by increasing their directory to over 4,000 physicians working on a lien. Since its inception, Power Liens has strived to become the largest directory on the web where attorneys can find the doctors they need for their clients. With a dedicated staff constantly searching for these doctors who treat patients on a lien, personal injury attorneys can now search the largest directory of physicians working on lien on Another feature that Power Liens is able to boast is their varied list of specialties. provides attorneys with over 20+ specialties all of which will work on a lien. Due to law changes in certain states, Florida being the prime example, doctors who are able to forego payment (working on a lien or Letter of Protection) until the legal case is settled have become very sought after by injury attorneys. In the past it would take attorneys hours of man time to find an obscure specialty such as an Otolaryngologist office who will work on a lien in order to refer their client. Now with the click of a mouse, a personal injury attorney can search for these obscure specialties in the 4 states that Power Liens covers (Arizona, California, Florida, and Illinois). In the rare situation an attorney is not able to find the doctor they need for their client(s), Power Liens offers a service to injury attorneys that will allow the attorney to call in and have the on-call research team search for the doctor that client will need to get treated. Power Liens continues to alleviate the stress and tedious details of the personal injury process by providing attorneys and their staff with over 4,000 doctors’ offices they are able to use to finalize their legal cases.

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