General — 11 March 2013
Don’t Overlook the Value of a Personal Injury Case

Visual bias often leads to premature dropping of cases; this article will point out a few factors to help you get value from cases you would initially drop. There are a few common mistakes inexperienced attorneys make when initially evaluating a case. When an attorney is given a new case and they see a low cost estimate of property damage and see photos of the accident that don’t depict a catastrophic scene their automatic response is “Drop the case.” With the advance of technology, cars are able to absorb most of the damage when an accident takes place. The common misconception is, “if there is no damage to the car there is no damage to the passengers.” The correct thought should be, “since the car did not absorb the force of the accident, what in the car did?” So with this thought process, you can assume that the passengers are now the vessels in which the force of the accident are transferred. The angle of impact will determine how much of that force is transferred to the passengers. Bumpers in cars are designed to absorb impact that originates directly behind it. If there is any offset to which the force is delivered, it will result in a force that will cause bodily damage to the car’s occupants. Body positioning also will determine the outcome of the accident. The bigger/taller you are increases your chances of injury because you become more susceptible to objects in the car, for example taller people hitting the heads on the car roof. Because men are generally bigger than women, gender also now becomes a factor to look at when determining the value and possible injuries in the case. All these factors are usually talked about in personal injury research which every personal injury attorney should keep up with. The updates are a vital piece of knowledge that can help guide a personal injury attorney through the mire of a legal case. Part of the knowledge will be educating these attorneys on the use of doctors who are well versed in personal injury matters. Finding a credible doctor on lien can make or break your case. With the arrival of, which is the largest free online directory of physicians working on a lien, attorneys can now find any specialty they need to treat their client on a lien basis. There are added filters to allow attorneys to select doctors on lien on the directory that have been rigorously screened and have achieved the Preferred Provider status. These doctors are the most highly recommended doctors on the site and have proven to be the best doctors to work with on PI matters.

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