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Neck Injury

Neck injuries come in so many variations, along with being the most common of injuries in association to car accidents.  When involved in a car accident, you may need to see a doctor who can relieve [...]

Car Accident Apps

As technology constantly advances in our everyday lives, we replace old habits with new, more accessible ones.  Formerly, law firms would provide clients with envelopes to place inside of their glove compartment for important information if [...]

Autonomous Vehicles

So many new technologies have been entering our lives as our world endlessly grows.  One of these technologies includes the improvements of automobiles.  Recently, many automobile companies have been achieving the works of creating driverless cars.  [...]

Asiana Airlines Crash Reaches First Settlements

In early July of 2013, an Asiana Airlines flight crashed in San Francisco arriving from South Korea.  Crashing at the end of the runway caused 3 deaths, injuries to about 200 of its passengers, with around [...]